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Simple Aagi Innond Love Story _ Act 1

The time was ticking down towards the end of the Paper based quiz. His focus was intense, trying to guess the last of the unknown question in time.

Enter, the white dress fairy, she was scooping up the papers, unknowingly with the papers, somebody’s heart was also disappearing magically.

He had arrived late to the quiz, missing her earlier pep talk and quiz instructions, Now awaiting the results in the same as her, he was stealing small glances at her with time slowing everything around him.

Her radiant smile had lit up the room, graciously talking to the contestants and judges alike. In the corner of his eye, it looked like someone passed around a Rose to her.

He dint want to miss her reaction to the rose, that’s when the pupils locked to each other. With his internal music beating faster, all he did was generate a smile, which brought an even bigger smile from her. Little did they know, how this smile would change their lives.

Somehow he managed to get her number, searching everywhere to find the organiser’s list. As Today, was the 1st day of a 3 day event. There was a still many ways to keep finding that smile.