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Swarm Rotor Wash

This project will be my full time project for the next few months. Baby steps to get into a Mars Mission. The sky out there is huge for mankind to explore and learn. Sky is no longer the limit.

The project description is below :

Maintenance Swarm Drones which clean the dust of Solar Array Panels in remote locations autonomously.

  • The rotor wash of the drone‚Äôs propeller would be directed at the panels to blow away the minute dirt accumulated throughout the day.

  • Using Vision Position System(VPS) the grids would be assigned to individual drones based on its health parameters. Using 2/3 wide angle camera lens, 360 deg view would be constantly monitored for SLAM.

  • Autonomous drones would be wirelessly charged during excess peak output to conserve energy for critical systems.

  • The intended deployment would be initial Mars Landing, where Autonomous systems build a minimum viable habitation facility.

  • The algorithm can be customised to replace the fuel based hand held leaf blower locally.

  • 3D map is generated by giving the dimension of the initial array layout by the master node. The map is generated by individual drone and then stitched together and will be done at 3 day intervals, to incorporate for additional equipment being deployed by the autonomous system.

We will demonstrate the working of the Autonomous system and also the fail safe mechanism required for uninterrupted power generation