• research


  • learning

for Java Software

  • Build Artifacts after every commit
  • Store at mount using Jenkins
  • Weekly/Monthly Tag release for Customers
  • Test Suite : Cover Java, JS, XML
  • Use Sonarqube + Lint to reduce code smells and tech debt
  • Docker Container for deployment/ testing/ artifact access
  • Arctic Linux/Kubernetes for testing releases and deployment
  • Performance monitoring tools : Measure Speed after each commit for high value workflow
  • Workflow identification and optimization
  • Error Reporting and Dump Analysis
  • Time Series Analysis of data dump, create a data lake for correlation
  • Obfuscation and minification of deployed code == IP Protection
  • Open Source Libraries/Binaries Release
  • Example projects for demo installation & user integration
  • Light weight model, dependency graph Analysis for node downloads
  • Security Testing : Basic sanity check : SQL injection, Buffer overflow, code injection