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Vacation before final year of graduation, similar thinking minds grouped together and we worked on a project for integrating new teaching tools for engineering education.

We were developing a table application for digital lab journal entries. The energy and effort going into the project was intense, all working overtime during the college break.

The result of more than a months’s work brought out the app, it was widely appreciated and used by peers, students as well as the teaching faculty.

A few months later we were provided with an opportunity to showcase out projects at BITS Pilani. Our draft was accepted by the screening team and we were ready to showcase our wares.

On entering the campus , we were bowled over by huge boulevard, with huge lawns in the centre and hostels dotting either side of the lawns. The presentation was received well by the jury, pitted against the best of the country arriving from all corners. Though we weren’t expecting any prize , we were suprised to hear that the team from Hubli had won the first prize. It was a true appreciation for all the hard work put in by the members of the team. It opened all flood gates, as the team won all the showcase projects in fests after fests.

A memorable journey, culminating in winning the top prize at BITS pilani. Source