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21st Century Yogi

ML+AI has become commoditized. Most of the major problems are being tackled by the FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google)behemoths in West, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu in the east. Their amazing massive infrastructure keeps the models running on data being generated worldwide.

For someone like me, who has a i7+1070 GPU and a RaspberryPi competing against the SuperComputers on major problems is a nobrainer. Only the low hanging fruits can be picked and thought to be solved.

Now next comes the dataset issue. Most of courses concentrate on Kaggle dataset, these are good for learning and comparing if the models that we developed are correct.

For me, after churning through many datasets, i was in a dilemma. I really wanted to make a mark in this field. All i had to see was the mirror and remember .

Transcendence movie by Johnny Depp, shows his mind being uploaded to the cloud and the software learning and improving based on his previous data and actions.

This led me to put all my data, my thoughts, my experiences into the blog. I stopped generating data for facebook, whatsapp and instagram. These companies are calibrating individual models for each person to predict his/her next step and making billions out of it.

Now i can still keep using the platform, but i can also build my model to define my model and calibrate it.

This model would show the parameters of my life and show how i can improve. This would be the same way, Yogi’s and Sage’s of Indian History would do self analysis and improve on their life.

I can be a Yogi now, using the models available and my own personal data. i can create maps of my life and then make these models available for others to check if these models work. This can be called like an extension of Transfer learning approach prevalent in ML/AI circles.

These thoughts were running in the background, thankfully today’s conversation with Varun helped me to stabilize the ideas to write it down , to work on the model later. Data is anyway being generated daily.

Now how can i augment the data model for myself

  • Export Twitter Feed data
  • Export Facebook Home Page data
  • Export github activity data
  • Export gmail activity data
  • Export financial data , bank statements,loans
  • Export WIFI data
  • Export Mobile Data

First step , i will create graphs to visualize the data to understand various insights .

Find more about my work and possibly colloborate at