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Collection Of Poems

The Special One

`Life was like a rudderless ship,

Just moving around,but not going anywhere,

Like a gale wind,with full fury,

She entered my life,bringing with her the mighty waves,

for some time, i was tossed around,

like a fish on a rock,

Then i understood ,the meaning of her intrusion,

She was here, to show me the way,

A light tower , in the rough seas,

A source of inspiration, to fight for survival,

There were days when all hope was lost, morale was sinking low

without her in sight, for days

she would dissappear, increasing the agony

The game of hide & seek ,increased the expectations for a better tomorow

Her presence ,always lifted the soul

Giving hope & love in plenty

A sight to behold for eternity. `


`My dreams had wings ,literally, ‘coz i wanted to soar in the sky like an eagle

They fed my hunger,kept my light burning, to eclipse my goal

Every opportunity taken, seemed like climbing higher the mountain top

Not a day, not a night passed without planning,what next to accomplish

So glad now,like a free bird-

that the days of anguish are finally over,

The days when thy own thoughts had betrayed,

Solace was at a premium,

Mind was like a dark cave,completely lost, without a light,

to guide through the end

Sometimes feels like problems ,ain’t never resolved

Made to believe , that life just got adjusted to problems around

Everyday, till the day of realisation , was doing things that made matters worse

Taking one stop forward ,made it two steps backward. `


`Not even time could heal, for memories never diminished

Your presence, always bring sweet thoughts onto me

So close were we, sharing our thoughts and dreams alike,

A knot resides at the place, where you used to live before

Feels so desolate without you around.

Just a look in your eyes, would convey so many thoughts

So bad is the craving, to see the eyes , words just cant say

Deep as a rift, have things turned out between us

Would do anything, to undo the mistakes

Chances are that you may forget, it’ll never be the case with me

Silence was the best part of the conversation

Sorrow, the hardest thing `

the path

`Where am i going?

Everyway look’s very strange and unknown

This wasn’t so when i started my journey,

Things were so clear and dreams rejuvenated

Everything i did, was somehow connected to my dreams

Would feel good and happy doing the things i loved

It’s not the case now,

Frustration is killing the life out of me

Promises are falling over like rain

Everything i do, makes no sense at all

Regrets are filling, like droplets in the ocean

Dreams which i once thought reachable, now seem utterly impossible

Thinking about the things i’ve missed, i regret why did i ever do such things `

is it me?

`wanna be cared for ,

wanna be loved for what i am,

wanna be given importance,

is that too much to ask for ?

tired of this one-way journey,

was it a mistake? ,

                           to have given importance over evrything else,

                           to have loved more than anything else,

                          to have caredmore than oneself,

cant imagine to have this feel for anyone else

cant bring myself to my own terms

nothing else is left behind,

a ghost in my own cage

would i be set free ? ,

                            would i be cared for ,
                            would i be loved again,

will things ever change back,

will my will accept evertyhing back

will i be myself again ? `

The Mustang

`The love of my life, ever since i saw her, gives me sleepless nights

Her curves and bends puts to shame any model

The tunes of tires screeching with the symphony of the exhaust, a melody to the ears

The lustre of her image, a treat to the eyes

She moves with all her glory, a queen of her own right

Her name , beffitting a legend Eleanor `