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Today’s 9-Sep-2018 and alreay dreaming about Graduation day in two years. This page will contain what i will and wish to accomplish during my two year stay at Bonn.

  1. Magna Cum Laude
  2. Robocup Teensize competition using Swarm
  3. Cover the locations from DanBrown - Solo
  4. Cover the places with Mom, Dad n Sister. (Hagia Sophia, The Vatican , Eiffel, Sagrada Familia,)

23-9-2018 Update

Astroanaut Aboard Gaganayaan


  1. Magna Cum Laude
  2. Robotics Engineer
  3. Extreme Fitness
  4. Responsible

Magna Cum Laude

  1. Pick 5 courses for 1st Semester
  2. Start reading textbook and papers for Cognitive Robotics
  3. Spend daily half hour on each subject
  4. Learn german everyday - listen to audio and read
  5. All assignment to be submitted within one day of publish
  6. Teaching/Research Assistant work on CR.