• may2019


  • may2019

We cannot predict the outcome of the May 2019 elections.

But that should not stop us from doing our duty.

This is the time, u come out of the closet.

This is the time, appreciate the ones who have fullfilled the promise,

This is the time, dont fall for money again, enough is enough.

This is the time, the entire is looking forward to India’s leadership. Dont let it down

This is the time, we choose our independence, at the 150th year of Gandhi Jayanti, let us follow dharma/integrity.

This is the time, we will no longer tolerate being second class citizens, Equal rights to all, no discrimination

This is the time, we choose the future for our children, think about them and what world will they be bought up in

This is the time, we completely remove poverty, illiteracy, corruption and all the things that has brought shame to our nation

Your One Vote, Will (re)define history.

We need 100% vote. If you vote, u are doing your duty.

The ones who wont/dont. Remember that you let yourself and the entire nation down

Choose your leaders wisely, because like an mobile app, u cannot install a different because the old one did not work.

#NewIndia #CleanElection