• may2019


  • may2019

All we have to do is live right,

We want forgiveness for self but then justice when its others.

Like previous generations who did their best.

Can u, me and our generation do things right ?

Now i know, i look like am talking from a high pedestal,

seeing the way the german citizens live and behave with one another, With a difficult past, they lead the way in humanitarian activities,

Pedestrian gets first priority, because as humans we first started walking,

cyclists get next priority, because after walking our next step was cycles,

public transport comes next, as they carry both pedestrians and cyclists

personal transport likes cars, trucks comes last.

Here they have understood that through order, everything looks beautiful.

Yes, having a small population helps in congestion,

We in India have the worst traffic congestion, not because of bad infrastructure, but because of our insistence on breaking rules. We believed that the road is ours and we can do whatever we wish.

We have had our time, till now we did mischief because our chances of getting caught was low, but now with camera’s and 24/7 monitoring all the activities, the stick will become more emphasized than the carrot.

We can mend our ways, do what is right .

Because being vociferous on Social Media, but then doing whatever we wish, will no longer be tolerated.

Take the pledge of integrity for New India, because the meek will inherit the earth, for they know abuse of power for self will lead to downfall one day or the other.