• may2019


  • may2019

Ground rules

Any data that we get.

  1. Atleast two people should verify it (including the one who found)

  2. We will not be making comparison on history

  3. No comparison on religion

  4. Only development politics

    1. We will give coverage only to Modi
  5. No point in giving opposition visibility by making fun or countering our actions

We will discuss all the topics and allegations that are in the media.

For us, the main motive is



is like


He will do all the necessary stuff.

We need to make sure he gets support like




I suggest you’ll to read these books in your free time.

History has seen many wars, we should learn from them.

Elections are similar to kurukshetra.

One side is led by dharmaraya

Other side is led kauravas. they have shakuni n all

Life is a cycle. Everything repeats

The most hotly debated topic will be

Citizenship Amendment Bill

we need some research on that to counter and also need to have understanding of what Modi did in last 4.5yrs in NE .

All these bills finally lead to uniform civil code.

Thats the final goal that any government should want to achieve.

It will make

reservations redundant

as the opportunity will be more than the people who want anything.

Dr. B r Ambedkar had put a deadline till when reservation should be allowed.

It was to be removed after a segments of society that missed opportunities would reach a critical mass and would be self sustainable.

But politicians amended the constitution to suit their personal goals.

We need to also become strong in the first version of Indian constitution

Yes. Once u remove the poverty line and people can get whatever they desire for doing a job/ commensurate work.

Then society will not need benefits. The government finally will only have to take care of the critically disabled and the ones who cannot actually support themselves due to medical issues.

The next 86 days will be like

writing a master thesis


political history


development dialogue.

There will be enough material to publish a few papers 😅

Because I will not allow


to be eaten by

rabid dogs again in my life time.