Artha Shastra


  • may2019


  • may2019


for all these years , i’ve been ignorant and

selfish about my personal needs

I used to cry hoarse when i had to pay nearly a month’s salary

as income tax at the end of the year.

I used to be angry when the roads would be destroyed after just one rain.

All i did was get angry, curse someone and then get on with my life.

This is what we have been told to do since a school days,

Always follow what the teacher says,

u have no right to question them.

This is the reason for our country to be looted

year after year

election after election

Election promises, remained as promises.

Which was recycled when the politician came to ask for votes the next time.

There was no one to question the authority,

But in today’s world,

u have the means to ask your questions.

For once,

use social media

voice your opinions

Do not get into fights

but raise your voice

when u see a greater ideal

being thrown away for the

sake of money and fame