• may2019


  • may2019

Who has the highest to lose ?

Nehru/Gandhi Family : No more monuments and buildings in their name again

Abdullah Family ; No more free rides in J&K , with abolishment of the 2 articles , J&K will get equal opporunities

Yadav Family ; UP’s goons are scared of Dominic Torreto aka CM Yogi. Because he is protecting the entire state as his family.

Gowda Family ; The farmer’s turned billionaires can no longer fool and wash their hands of the countless deaths due to farmer suicides. The son is a polygamist, its like donald trump and his family in US == HDK and his family down south

Remember the leaders who disappeared without a trace because they were growing larger than the family business

YSReddy Scindia Lal Bahadur Shastri subhash chandra bose Mahatma Gandhi

Nehru and Jinnah would be the biggest losers if gandhi would be alive. he would have made the wounds of partition as a reminder and liberate people from hurting their own kin and kith

But because of the greed of our past leaders.

Both nations are fighting and killing lives mindlessly for 60+ years.

will we keep fighting always

This is our time, we will have to forgive and root out the gangrene which will not stop at taking more lives

We need

  • Equality for all
  • Clean Water and Air
  • Opportunities and Support to pursue any art

2-3 years ago, i scoffed at the plans of Hyperloop and Self driving cars in India, telling myself that India cannot afford it

But now, we have seen the transformation of the new india.

Bharat can have the best of everything and with “Vasudaiva Kutumbukam”, Bharat will lead the world into the light

Like it always did

#MakePeaceNotWar #PhirEkBaarModi