• may2019


  • may2019

One minute of silence


The mathematics teacher of RaGa

The world has finally seen the wonders of figures

After Ramanujan.

The way he manipulates numbers out of thin air,

Parents please dont expose your kids to such brilliance ,

they will definitely score 0 in exams ,

if they say that one of India’s PM candidate cannot count from 1 to 100 and does not know basic addition and multiplication

I think Stephen Hawking would be happy now that

finally someone has found the equation of life

Oops, RaGa is not contesting against Modi in 2019,

He is actually contesting for the most stupid person to ever become leader of a nation with Trump .

I am preparing a list of 42 questions,

Please ask the candidates of ur voting area to answer them honestly .

Not just the candidates, every citizen should be able to answer honestly each answer.

Because the ocean is nothing without the symphony of individual droplets