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  • may2019

Now that Modi has already won May 2019 elections,

Only the formality of voting is left.

Its time to plan for the next season.

This time, Modi has his own previous government as the bar.

As the government has asked for Ideas to be part of its election manifesto,

Hat’s off to the people who gave the crowdsourcing idea for new India.

Now here are my list of items for election manifesto

  1. Public Libraries in Each Muncipal Ward
  2. EMI based school/college fees
  3. Atal Tinkering Labs in all Schools
  4. Open Playground in all wards
  5. Cycle tracks in every road

This is for now… Will add others as i see them here in Germany :P

Also curious to know What surprises will be in store for the people who bring down our nation .