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  • may2019

When politicians head sports institutions

The result will also be a joke like the people who run it

When Anil Kumble was leading Karnatake State Cricket Assocation, there was tremendous change made to Chinnaswamy stadium

Solar Panels were added to reduce electricity usage

Drainage was improved in the ground .

We also had CWG 2010 in Delhi.

That is the Common Wealth Games in Delhi .

There was so much corruption, these beggars did not even leave LED lights, they wanted to scrape money over every thing.

Finally they made a scapegoat of the organiser, labelled him some names and washed their hands off.

Recently we had Fifa U17 world cup , this time the organiser

Olympic Medallist

Army Officer

We all saw the difference.

It is like expecting the Barber to make a Brain Surgery.

No disrespect to the Barber’s , without them we all would be looking like our genetic cousins the Chimpanzee .