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  • may2019

I enjoyed H.M’s jokes earlier

And was worried about the kind of treatment people face in all the videos he made.

Everyone should watch this video and see how he shows only part of the coin

Yes, there are few things that are still bad

Let me tell you the other side of the coin.

  1. The fact that govt is changing Muslim city names to Hindu names forcefully. He and his research team are definitely suffering from ADHD. The names were restored to the original hindu, the muslim names came from Mughal rulers who changed them

  2. Yogi Adityanath carrying a gun. We all would shudder at the news of atrocities against women in vast region of UP. The previous CM also said once that “Young boys do such things, it should not be taken seriously”. In the last few years of Yogi’s govt, there have been 75+ encounters of anti-social elements. Its not completely eradicated, but now these demons are shit scared of doing anything bad , coz they will be sent straight to hell.

  3. Atrocities against Muslims by right wing nationalists. He did not say anything about the triple talaq rule that was created to empower the women. The rule is enforced in all muslim nation states, only in india the rule was still not enforced.

  4. Cow vigilantism : Now there have been unfortunate deaths, the perpetrators have to be definitely punished. India is a multi cultural, multi religious country. We hindu’s consider the cow as divine entity. folklore call it as Kamadhenu. Now some argue that India has increased beef exports. Please read the reports carefully, india’s beef exports consist mainly of bull(male) and less predominantly cow(female)

  5. Low job growth : Indian companies aka startups have been getting record number of investment from foreign companies. example of Walmart acquiring Flipkart, SoftBank investment in Paytm and Ola. With the Digital India Campaign, most indians are aspiring and taking the next step forward to concretize their dreams

  6. Kashmir : It is unfortunate that we are still fighting over a problem that was created because of the greed and disillusionment of the leaders of the time. Both the countries have enough poverty and malnutrition to take care of their citizens than fighting each other. Our generation should have the courage to remove the anti-social elements causing destruction on both sides. Just look at EU, All the countries totally decimated each other and they formed the EU to never fight each other again. Such was the catastrophe , that no wars have ever taken place between the EU stated. Karma is finally giving Britain the visit for the turmoil caused in India.

Thank you Hasan Minaj for making this video, it just showed how biased you are. Plus i get to write .

Please keep up the good work, but also show atleast one minute of the good things that happen

The world has not gone to hell yet, there is still some hope

Unfortunately the very things you earlier accused of everyone else is done by you