• may2019


  • may2019

The competition against Modi

Has now become a

Competition against new Bharat

Internal enemies are India’s biggest inhibitors to overcome the problems of

  • Poverty
  • Malnutrition
  • Sustainable Living

With the measures taken by Mod Govt against graft and redtape

The status quo of the filthy rich has been shaken to the ground

  • These are the people we should be careful against

  • These are the people that can cause more damage to the country

  • These are the people who have enjoyed unbridled power with any audits

  • These are the people who through their hands in all the dirty work are scared out of their wits that they will lose it all

  • These are the people who know of their crimes, they are having sleepless nights because of the cruelty they inflicted on others

  • These are the people in and outside the government who have become amoral by amassing ill gotten money to see the other side and left the infestation rot the country

  • These are the people who through force and blackmail have silenced the masses with the fear of retribution

#TheBuckStopsHere #ModiHaiToMumkimHai #BharatMataKiJai