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The day “Starship unveiled for private humans” has been a watershed moment in my life. Elon Musk (EM), Yusaku Maezawa(YM) discussed about the first round trip around the moon.

My childhood dreams of being a small adventurer in the starry sky, was now possible if put in the required effort. Icing on the cake is the generosity of YM who announced that he will also be taking along 7 other passengers. They would be artists who will capture the essence of maiden journey of Starship.

Beginning that day, i dropped all links with my previous and earnestly started working towards realising my dream and the dreams of billions of kids. By focussing my daily activities , i am shaping my life to be suitable for getting a lift on the Starship.

Below are my current preparations

  • Physical
    • Cycling 10 km daily to college
    • Running 5km daily
    • Running Bonn half marathon on Apr 7,2019
  • Emotion
    • Documenting my voice and thoughts
    • Asking relevant questions and solutions to them
    • Inspiring others to follow up on forgotten dreams
  • Technical
    • Pursuing Robotics Masters at University of Bonn, Germany
    • Participating at MBZRIC 2020
    • Thesis : Autonomous Construction in ExtraTerrestrial Locations (ACE)

These are work in progress and i need to pick up the pace to pass your requirements. But i am motivated enough and putting my soul and body to improve myself to be eligible.

P.S : Wouldn’t it be great, if you could tell me/guide me on how should i proceed further.

I will be the Writer First and a Backup engineer in emergencies

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