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VidyaPoshak : Empowering Educational Community

Each of us start with an empty cup

Over a period of time we accumulate many things and cup fills to the brim.

Now how we get more into our life when the cup is full.

Simple, Give the excess of your cup to someone whose cup is devoid of anything.

Remember now, Your cup was filled the same way, someone along the way decided to share something that they had.

Most of us are fortunate to have been born in a good environment where, though we had to struggle to get something.

While growing up, we only had to study and get decent marks. But few among us, had to work simultaneously to feed themselves and their loved ones.

Fate is such that not everyone is created with the same blessings.

Some of us, face hardships very early in life. While some get their share of obstacles later .

Cutting to the present .

I humbly request you , Please

Make any amount of donation to the VidyaPoshak NGO. No amount is less, its the gratitude to life that is important.

I have been donating to VidyaPoshak since the last 3 years, after starting to earn while working .

Along with the well wishes of the life that u have helped to nurture.

Donating to an education NGO meets the criteria of TAX BENEFIT: Available under section 80G of Income Tax Act of India.

An amount of 50% can be reduced as the income tax u pay.

Ex. If the income tax amount is Rs. 20000(Twenty thousand ) for the current year that has to be paid.

If u make a donation of Rs. 10000 to the NGO.

Then your total tax to pay will be Rs. 15000(Fifteen thousand). Rs. 5000 (five thousand will be reduced).

This way , u can also make ur tax money to help someone in need.

To Donate

Indian Account Holders letzchange link

Outside India global giving link

For further information.

please visit the VidyaPoshak website at VidyaPoshak

CSR Fund (Corporate Social Responsibility Fund )

For institutional donation. Please donate some part of the CSR fund to the cause of education .


Karma is instantaneous. After making a donation, i got a response for an interview, which was on hold for 2 weeks .

Please share how the magic worked for you