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Letter 1

Dear VidyaPoshak Team,

It is wonderful to hear the achievements of the students who got opportunity to improve their lives.

I am happy to have god’s grace to support again this year and i am able to make a contribution of Rs. 10K , ref no: LC5c49a817e1555

Would it be possible to get metrics of the amount contributed by the beneficiaries of the program. It would be a useful information for donors like me, who can donate to other NGO’s once we get to know that the NGO can be run by itself from its beneficiaries.

I started donating since three years, when my friend told me that VidyaPoshak helped to support his studies.

Please let me know incase of any clarifications.


Dear Sachin ,

Thank you for your continued support. During academic year 2018-19 we have supported 1350 students to continue their Higher Education.

We don’t ask the student or parent to contribute to VidyaPoshak since we support students whose parents are either coolie workers or marginal farmers.

We take care of their College fee + Bus pass + Set of academic books through our Libraries and 10 days of a skill training for every student during the year.

On an average for supporting a non professional graduate the cost per year is 12,000 and for a professional student is 30,000.

During the education we don’t charge from the beneficiaries but they start contributing once they complete their education and start their career.

During 2018 our total expenses were about 220 lakhs and we received a direct contribution of more than 25 Lakhs from our Alumni beneficiaries and also another 10% of funding we received from CSR where our alumni are working.

Letter 2

Dear Venky,

Thank for the information provided.

After i sent the mail, i looked through the audit reports and though it looks huge.

I understand there are still a large amount of people who are missing basic education.

I thank you and your team, for the amazing work that you’ll have been doing and continue to do great work.

I believe if you put the above mentioned information in the homepage of the website, it will be easier for people who want to contribute, to be informed of how the funds are utilised. Very few people understand the audit reports, thankfully i attended accounting class during my engineering at BVBCET and can read some financial reports.

I have few follow up questions,

  1. What is the goal/target of VidyaPoshak ?
  2. Can the audits be explained in simple terms for the public to understand
  3. How much money is required every month and year to support existing students ?
  4. What is the existing students count ?
  5. How many students are missing the opportunity?
  6. What is the roadmap/plan for utilisation of funds ?
  7. What is the criteria for selecting the students ?
  8. How can new donors be identified, can more CSR funds be tapped by companies in Karnataka, Hubballi-Dharwad Region ?
  9. What are the current problems being faced by VidyaPoshak, If any ?

I ask these questions, because there is big crackdown of NGO’s all over the country for various purposes. These questions will help me to answer people when i request for them to donate, because they will ask for proof for any activity.

The major question is ? How did so many children did not get basic education even though enormous funds that have been spent by successive state and central governments ?

I believe VidyaPoshak should conduct a survey and try to help the government in reforms so that more children get good quality education

Please let me know, how i can help to increase the coverage of VidyaPoshak.