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Money is the source of good as well as evil

Now that Abhinandan has come back and all the people who were on the streets, social media awaiting his return, what do we do next.

Terrorism or cowardly acts as we should call them, need money to be executed. Because nothing in this current world works without the transfer of money.

Now how are these acts financed, as these are Illegal acts, no sane person who does earns his money through dharma and integrity will fund the activities that will harm another life.

Yes, we have retaliated to the extremists by stopping supplies, now these are physical goods. These cowards are sophisticated and highly intelligent, they do not keep all their eggs in one basket, by that i mean , they finance their activities through multiple ways. The black money is the root funding of these cowards.

Now they are funded by

  • Forced Prostitution
  • Forced Begging
  • Piracy : By hosting movies and songs Downloads
  • Security Breach : Defacing government websites and DDOS attacks on essential services.

Now how can, someone like u and me stop these illegal activities .

The first step, is to say No to Privacy, yes by stopping Piracy by paying money for the movies and songs, the media companies become a capital problem. But remember this, they also pay for the millions of artists , the singers, the actors, the makeup artists etc.

If you are proud Indian or a proud citizen of any country in this world who has been troubled and affected by the acts of cowards who destroy our peace.

This is the time to show our resolve.

Stop Piracy, report the websites to the IT cell of your country.

We are the government, we are the nations, let us fight the evil together.