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An event of epic proportions, an occasion running simulataneously in 200+ centers worldwide.

The entire video game industry is celebrating a 2 day extragavanza of collaboration, game creation and celebration of wonderful artists and their creativity.

This is my first game jam, participating at the CologneGameHaus centre in Cologne, Germany. Nearly 125/150 of total registered turned up for the event. Most of them being students, industry veterans and then some like me (who have tumbled without a clue). What would i do, when you get an opportunity to meet new people and learn how they create game, their thought process and the tools they use. Every game played over the years have been getting better and better. This is a chance to meet the creators in flesh.

From the first gameboy console, where months were spent trying to improve the scores of Tetris, tank, car race, to the First Person Shooter multiplayer : Call of Duty 2 (The ultimate bro event). To the crowd favorite Mario, Angry Bird, Candy Crush to the Graphics heavy Devil May Cry, Formula1 & Fifa ( The list is endless, mom is smiling , she knows that this kid will never grow up. He will continue to watch cartoons, he will continue to play videogames. She understands that these are art based games, where the best artists and creators make a interactive masterpiece).

All this time, i was only a consumer, someone who would only play games, now as opportunity presented to be part of a game dev event. I took it with both hands, two days of learning from pro’s, a weekend spent well.

Yes, there were earlier half-hearted attempts to create my own game, but motivation and inspiration would fizzle out. This time, with lady luck smiling, i just jumped into the place. All it takes is talk to people, observe what motivates and somewhere it will click.