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Happy Birthday Chai

Its been 5 years since we started together at subex

Thats where all the mischief started

The countless lunches, removing the bones from the chicken :P

The innumerous visits your floor, to see the pretty girls :P

The trips, its a pandora box

The walk on the rock beach at Puducherry

The detour in dharamshala with three ladies, You guys will never let me forger it

The uphill struggle in our first trek to kodachadri

The dog story and the alleged disaster at Kodai :P

The best choreographed dance and amazing videography at Bekal : P

Multiple trips to gokarna, each one with its twists

Make it a wonderful year ahead

Also u need to start publishing your sketches

Happy Birthday Again, you will get bday kicks next time we meet.

I remember you kicked me in 2013 :P

Cheers to the crazy gang of travellers, Akhil, Mahi, Thenna.

The Euro trip is pending yet.