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  • heroes

The Brightest Star

Million Watt Bulb

Little by Little , day by day

The star dust is slowly rubbing on others

Bask and Revel

Learn in the aura of the Jewel

Add synchronous art aka dance aka dandiya

To the infinite list of skills of the master

Unconsciously / Subliminally so many got inked with the magic of the Magician herself

Years from now, definitely some will show and relate to how they were sparked by the wand of Merlin

Happy to be, Inspired to be better

Seeing you, Observing from afar

There is certain hope, that the discovery of the century

The Cult Hero, Force of Nature

Keep pushing forward,

Dream majestic goals,

For you will definitely surpass it with grit and harmony

You also inspire

A growing contingent of fans/admirers to raise their games

Win-Win for Humanity