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Namaskara hubballi dharwad mandi

Lets us create a 2 day experience tour

for our friends and future tourists

To see the beauty, wisdom of KA 25

and also to promote our business

  • Buy delicious Chocolates from A & A Chocolates , promoted by Anand Kustagi

  • Eat yummy tasty food at South Chimney , promoted by Jaysheel Balmi

  • Take ride’s around the city in cycles from Deepak Cycles , promoted by Sanket Shah

  • Wear colorful clothes from Kothari & Bros shop, promoted by Bharat Kothari

  • Flaunt beautiful hand-crafted jewellery TheSilver_Culture , promoted by Chandni Kothari

  • Witness Cashew sorting industry, promoted by Ashish Bohara

  • Partake healthy nutritious drinks, promoted by Gagandeep Hosmani

Please comment on the posts, so that we can plan and implement it immediately to make it a 2 day memorable experience

Also add other friends and their business, which can be part of the tour

Also like and share to spread the information

Alone we go faster, together we go further