• exp56_3


  • exp56_3

I a Alternate Universe

Its a normal flight from Bengaluru to Frankfurt

Instead of masks, Headphones adorn Faces

Social distancing is observed via Phone and Sneakers brand

Stay at home is enforced on the oppressed

Overnight queues for screening of movies

Gadgets would outsell in the first hour of release

Instead tissue rolls are the most awaited of items

Queues now start at the Grocery stores

VIPS entries to the richest and flamboyant

Entourages and paid followers to the slimiest of Characters

Instead class structure has turned upside down

Nobody in sight, None to do their daily chores

Now heroes are the sanitation workers

Somehow life’s a circle

Everyone would have to go through a calamity I guess..

Or we are not learning and making these calamity on ourselves

Like Gandhi, united the world a Century ago

His words have come back to haunt again

Its a not perfect world outside

But we can all create our little world of Bliss

These trying times, will pass

Hopefully the lessons learnt stay at least

For a few generations