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  • exp56_3

As an experiment, if you stop doing anything for sometime. You’ll see the extreme manifestation of Murphy’s law ( If anything can go wrong, it will definitely go wrong).

Now is doing something the solution to escpae the tentacles of the dreared law’s reach. It might not always be the case, for only doing something can only be enought to just survive one more day, another season, another year.

If one actually needs to grow and reach somehere high, accoring to some strata of society, the sacrifice needed will be enormous. The initial years will definitely be difficult, the thought process should be positive, taking every chance to expand ones horizon to the working of time. Any future situtation, will have two outcomes, a positive and a negative, if one steps back visualizing the failures, then failure is what can achieve. Instead if plans out slowly and keeps making daily changes on the positive outcomes, the probable chances exponentially. Do it now, Oppose the Dread.