• exp56_2


  • exp56_2

Ex1. Expect and demand higher wages for employment. But Use and promote pirated tools

Ex. 2 Speak highly and good things of self But Automatically start criticism for others

Ex 3. Need all duties and rights But Go on tour during Voting day But Won’t help in community building

Ex. 4 Identity issues at every opportunity Criticise the smallest of actions But Won’t be part of solution,
Doesn’t want the solution?

Ex 5 Need roads, jobs, hospitals But NIMBY Not in my background Affects current life style

Ex 6 Ready with pens and forks in an instant But Won’t pick up that wrapper on the way

Ex 7 Preach against Economic inequality But eat at Michelin starred restaurants, wear the latest haute couture But haggle with the Low margin vegetable vendor, Travel in subsidised trains, Use benefits designed to reduce the gap