No String's Attached


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Don’t get attached to anything, not boast of any greatness that you’ve achieved, take risks when new opportunity arrives. Do not rest on any past laurels.

Da Vinci did not become a poet, painter, explorer, scientist, inventor because he took each act/work as his only career goal.

He was able to do many things because he was able to move on in life at each point where he believed that he had learnt whatever he can from his current occupation.

Like the love for football/cricket starts when you first start learning/watching the great athletes & you started emulating your heroes.

In the next stage, you put in your heart, blood & soul to become a better athlete. At the prime of your life after achieving all the accolades that u could possible gather,

You will have to move on to the next stage.

You move to the stage of grooming & mentoring the next batch of dreamy-eyed kids who consider you to be your hero. You then teach/show them all the lessons you learnt, all the cool new tricks you devised in your prime time through your formative player.

Life is such that, the more strings that you cut along the way. The more freedom you will have to chase your dreams.

Remember that dreams are not a destination but a series of milestones that we keep on passing in the quest to create a something meaningful for ourselves.

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