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Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. Bad Practices

I had requested to open a blocked account for MS in sep 2018. due to currency fluctuations and high hidden charges.

I handed a letter to close the account at Kundanahalli Branch in Oct.

Its 5 months now and still i keep getting SMS and EMAILS EVERYDAY

Now i am getting SMS that i will be charged fees for non-maintenance of mininum INR 10K. Go ahead and Cut it from 0 balance.

Students take loan and want to utilise every paise for their studies and @KotakBankLtd mandates 10K as minimum,

No wonder such deposits @udaykotak

Add to the share prices and make others as richest bankers. Please revisit your policies @udaykotak .

Its almost a scam on unsuspecting students and families @RBI @PiyushGoyalOffc

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