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For quite some time, loud noise & music would emerge from the kitchen.

This would happen just when i started to doze off at 2200 Uhr,

Waking up at 5am is a tough task, it becomes extremely difficult if you did not sleep well the previous night, 7 hours of sleep from 10pm-5am is what my body is adjusted since 4 months.

I started asking them nicely

  • To lower their voices
  • To close the door

I would wake up in the middle of the night, walk to the kitchen and close the door. My sleep pattern is totally ruined.

Things were getting out of hand, once i raised my voice , my back was hurting after a long cycle ride, all i needed was a good night sleep.

I had just closed the kitchen door and was returning back to my room, someone started making a mockery and imitation of my sleepy voice.

This was it, i lost it with this people. The coin flipped, my evil side finally broke through, i hate this part of me, i try to avoid fights as much as possible.

Vengeance just started, now i shall pick them one by one, like the eagle picks the target from high up.

Far too long, they took advantage of the place, thinking i am naïve, well scorpion sting hurts.

Time to play the game, when you return the favour to the people, the look on their faces is priceless.

When they see how much it irritates, they keep doing it anyway.

Now i feel sometimes, that i need to stop maybe because this is the first day of retribution, it hurts inside.

Poetry, sympathy, empathy is oozing out of everyone, as they say “Forgiveness for self, but justice for others”. It is the same set of people, who when they were having fun, laughing at the top of the voices, playing music at high volume, now are feeling offended.

Little do they know, that the pain will be for next 21 days, I was out of my way, keeping distance from others. My sleep is important for me, but because i was unknown variable, i didn’t speak much, they just did as it pleased them.

Now everyday i will do the same to things to them, they would play songs all night, let me give me them a taste of kannada bhajan.

Here’s my playlist for organising kirthana every night 2000-0200 Uhr

  • Hanuman Chalisa - Shekar Ravijani
  • Vishnu Sahasranama - M.S. Subbulaxmi
  • Aigiri Nandhini - Rock Version - Solo
  • Gayatri Mantra - Shekar Ravijani
  • Pop Songs - Chandan Shetty
  • Babruvahana : Partha Dialog - Rajkumar
  • Kaviratna Kalidasa . Rajkumar
  • Katheyondu Shuruvagide
  • Mozart Symphony