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  • dialogs

LQ : Liquidator aka Mahendra

GY : Gaganyatri aka Nobody

GY : watch this

GY :

LQ : It’s fun funny … There are so many trolls

GY : yes. so many many

LQ : I hope bjp comes to power in central … It’s gonna be a tough one this time

GY : nikhil ellidiyapa is amazinh

GY : i am doing my best to help modi.

LQ : I know …

LQ : I have seen your posts

LQ : I’m gonna ask my friends to vote for bjp

GY : yes. take money from everyone , donate it to charity

GY : but vote for modi

LQ : Taking money will do for sure

LQ : Vote definitely for bjp

GY : true. i am gonna watch rajkumar’s movies now

GY : kaviratna kalidasa, bhakta prahlada

GY : it will help me find answers in life

LQ : Wonderful movies

GY : yes. rajkumar has made the movies immortal

LQ : I second that

GY : this is epic

GY :

LQ : I have watched that movie like at least 10 times by now

LQ : Everytime it comes on TV , my parents won’t even allow me to touch the remote

GY : lakshmi will come fast and go fast. but saraswati . will take time and never leave

LQ : Yeah , our ancestors were so wise it’s so unfortunate that we can’t realize their vision and knowledge

GY : we have responsilibilty to pass the baton to the next generation

GY : we need to keep it updated,

LQ : We must put effort to understand so we could pass it on

GY : Yep

GY : yes. we can do it easily. because we have seen what others cant .

GY : And we dont have bonds , that others are getting into

LQ : It takes lot of efforts to realize the gravity of it

GY : i am totally free now. i do not exist for anyone. nor do i expect anyone to exist anyone for me

GY : yes. i almost took my life last year multiple times. 😛. now i am free

LQ : I read an article where Hitler once invited a Vedic person from India to decrypt Sanskrit veda and to build future weapons

LQ : Good , dream big and dream fearless …

GY : our history has all the answers. all the clues that our ancestors left to guide us

GY : we should only look for it.

LQ : Yes ..

GY :

GY : Meaning of Moksha

LQ : Nice , I think I had read this a while back

GY : no. this is new. written yesterday

LQ : You must have written something on similar grounds

GY : its the next version

LQ : Oh okay

GY : i have to type somemore

LQ : You should

LQ : I will suggest something

LQ : Why don’t you pick a subject and write a book … I know you can do that

LQ : Focus on creating one book rather than writing small yet good stories

LQ : You understood right ?

GY : im doimg these small stories dailx

GY : and then connect the dots

LQ : I hope I’m in treat for the good book !!

GY : right now. i have 5 parallel tracks

LQ : There is no point in letting the pieces out and then stitching it and presenting as one

GY : yes,its true

LQ : Just take a genre and concentrate on creating one book

GY : all the authors started with small stories

GY : also i want the books available for free

LQ : Because you have the ability and will which most people lack … And I want you to do something out of it that a coming generation could get inspired by

LQ : That’s up to you

GY : i am going to publish the books in braille.

LQ : Yeah , that’s a nice thought

GY : there are a lot of ppl who cant read. i am writing for them

LQ : True

GY : the ones with eyesight anyways domt read

LQ : 😆1

GY : my audience is big

GY : there will another post. about our convversation

LQ : Hahaha

GY : bcoz fb might block me

LQ : Lol maybe

GY : and i dont want to lose these pearls

LQ : Awww

GY : one day. ppl will do phd on our discussions

LQ : I wish that happens

GY : it will happen

GY : im gonna make sure it does .

LQ : Let’s see

GY : i will catch with u tomorrow

GY : lets have a call tomorrow

LQ : Sure …happy ugadi

GY : so my company is starting tomoroow

GY : small office in dad’s farm. with puja

LQ : Oh nice

LQ : Congratulations macha LQ : How ?

GY : hopefully i finish the first version of app tonight

LQ : You are in Germany!!

GY : i am in germany. Google Duo

LQ : You will

LQ : Oh okay