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LQ (Liquidator) : But are seeing what’s happening between india and Pakistan God ,this has gone too far man

GY (gaganyatri) : yes, its been happening since a long time. we cant do anything

LQ : It’s like watching some action movie over the edge of the seat

GY : more people die daily in road accidents. we have to worry more about that than war

LQ : I feel bad for the people serving us

GY : people who are serving are doing their duty. its the people who are not doing , thats the problem

LQ : But , we can’t let it go because what’s happening within Pak could do more damage to the world than what war could do now How can a country foolishly pretend that they don’t support terrorist when it’s out in the world It’s a about money and power !!!

GY : u and me, can follow the rules and live with high integrity. the armed forces and the currrent govt are doing their best to solve the issue

” if we clean our doorstep, the whole world will be clean” : mother teresa. LQ : True that

LQ : True … If Congress is there I can’t even imagine how worst the situation would be in terms of handling terror attacks ,

GY : we are speculating ,what someone else has to do, but conveniently forgetting that we have so much power that we dont utilise

LQ : That’s true … See the problem is it’s a state sponsered terrorism.. it’s very difficult to wipe out unless the country which is supporting realizes that a fire will start burning the place where it started. And it’s such a shame that they could think , they can win the world with false preaching of a religion

GY : most people think, its PUBG and we can go to war and kill people. they have no clue the logistics and end results. GY : its easy for people on social media to bark, tell them to work out for 1 hour in the sun. they will not do it, but they tell go and fight

LQ : That’s what … It is easy to say things sitting at our comfort zone

GY : We need to fight against the state sponsore terrorism, religion has been used since a long time to fight wars. now the west is telling about islam and all. but people who read history know that church has fought more wars and killed more people than any nation

LQ : And not to forget , India has done it’s very best to resolve this over talk over the decades and I don’t think it could be solved over this

GY : india did the best , now the govt has more power to fix the issues

LQ : Yeah

GY : earlier govts were tied due to various dependencies, now its not the same. we are self sustaining

LQ : I wish one could find a permanent situation for this , And then again , it can’t be done Because of the geopolitical politics

GY : as long as there is greed, it cannot be solved. families have been killed over money, we can never solve the nations problems

LQ : True … The people who seeded the terrorism to stop the strengthening of Asian countries are now preaching peace !!!

GY : only when poverty is eradicated, then the world will see some peace. Gandhi said - “poverty is the worst form of violence”

LQ : That’s the irony

GY : see the way Europe changed, after completely destorying itself over the 2 world wars. now European Union model is something that most countries are replicatiomh , including india

GY : i have content to write another post. 😛

LQ : See , you should talk to me once once in a while :p

GY : u want ur real name or liquidator ?

LQ : Hahahah…whatever you want to use , I dont mind

GY : yes, we need to keep in touch. only relationships is what will be remembered , not money, not rcihes.

GY : Taj Mahal is best example, people talk about the love, not the cost of building

LQ : I agree .