• dialogs


  • dialogs

LQ : Liquidator : Mahendra Prasad GY : Gaganyatri : You dont know who

LQ :Hmmm looks like somebody is in love … !!!

GY : it aint love, its only admiration and little sparks πŸ˜›

LQ : That’s how it all starts … I thought you would have learnt about this by now πŸ˜›

GY : i dont have time for it- i need to occupy mars

LQ : When you are in love then you can reach infinity and beyond

GY : yes. ur rite.

LQ : I know I am πŸ˜‚

GY : i have reached it, then was left to struggle alone. if i am going anywhere now. i am going alone

LQ : Hahahaha

LQ : Good one

LQ : mini post on this πŸ˜›

GY : heavy philosophy

LQ : Nimmajji

LQ : I deserve so much credit out of your work

GY : i have given credit before. i will always give

LQ : Im just kidding

GY : but credit has to be given when its due

GY : to go farther than before, one cant go alone.

LQ : Already you posted

LQ : Yest fast idiyo

GY : haha. i do it parallely.

GY : its copy, paste and git push πŸ˜›