• dialogs


  • dialogs

D : Disciple (gaganyatri) : Master, i wish to start a new venture . I have a request from you

M : Master (UtteringStrokes) : Speak, what boon do you wish

D : I would like a visual spectacle to greet my visitors when they use my app

M : What is it ? That you wish to do

D : I would like to showcase my humble beginnings, my roots , i.e the glory of the land i grew up

M : So, u need something that instantly connects to the people who shall use this app

D : Exactly Master, Our land, is the land of poets and warriors. The voice of Gangubhai Hangal

M : Continue

D : Warrior goddess : Kittur Rani Chenamma, took on the oppression

D : Chandramouleshwara temple, is a 900yr old national monument

M : Let me See, what i can do with it, any suggestions on what you would want

D : Master, i am not qualified to provide suggestions to the magic that you create

… …

After some time

Master conjures Merlin’s Magic

Hubli is the name of the city . See Art Here

for the uninitiated

H is styled as the Tamburi of Gangubhai Hangal

I is show as the sword of Rani Chennamma

It is resting on the dhollu , the instrument of Shiva aka Chandramouleshwara