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From negativity to positivity

Why is negativity prevailing ?

Grief is the base starting point ? wrong , start with happiness as the base point

We all start with a clean slate, with a conscious effort, the slate can be neutral, one possible reason for prevailing grief would be unconscious decisions that one performs, with the our main idea to live a happy existence somehow pushed to the end of mind.

Why is that people expect adoration/adulation? its like the brief pause in the speech, when the claps are expected ?

Its a zero sum game , Its not happiness, when your happiness encroaches others happiness and causes others misery.

Only when understands this basic tenet of life, life will finally be life.

Inner, Outward, Forward, happiness .

Decrease the variable factors affecting the cause of grief and increase the constants.

Its quite a lot similar to hypnosis. Slow music, closing eyes listening to a faraway voice. subconscious takes over and calm prevails.

Set the state of mind to be happy, u can choose to being happy or grumpy.

Its because that we are happy , that we should do things , not the other way around.

Things, items, work, relationships wont give us happiness. It is what we have inside already,

Maintain the status quo of self-happiness.

the moment you stop justifying your actions to others, you have finally arrived to the place where u always wanted to be.