The story of Kali.

The journey and struggle of her formative year

The destruction of new age narakasura

The light of knowledge in age of chaos and self inflicted misery.

W: writer D: Designer

W-These are the main the storylines that keep interchanging as the the plot develops

W-U are free to interpret and illustrate in your own imagination.

W-I will only provide the story and dialogues

D- We will have to discuss mood and expression of the plot to

W-I’m giving small hints.

W-So that u can tell me what is required

D- Entire story line with dialogues and your expected expressions.

yes. page by page, Chapter by chapter

W-Expression u choose. W-Based on what u feel about the story.

W-My initial idea, was to write another book.

W-Most adults don’t read, they are stuck to their phones.

W-Next audience that can be catered to are kids.

W-They need to love reading books.

W-Someone has to fill Stan Lee ‘s shoe

W-book available in braille