• The Kitchen, Bathroom and Toilet
  • Other Parts of the Home
  • Personal Items
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Outside the Home
  • Body and Mind

Book written by Shoukie Matsumoto of Jodu Shinshu Hongwanji Sect: Komyoji Temple in Kamiyado, Tokyo.

Understand Cleaning
  • What is cleaning
  • Rubbish
  • When to clean and Tidy
  • Air Things out
  • What to do with Insects
  • Vary your cleaning tasks
  • Be Mindful of the weather
  • Dont Put it off till Tomorrow
Useful Items
  • Samue Robes
  • Tengui Hand Towels
  • Setta Sandals
  • Work Gloves and Socks
  • Broom and Dustpan
  • Dustcloth
  • Bucket
  • Brush & Feather Duster
  • Sickle, Pruning, Shear and Grindstone
The Kitchen, Bathroom and Toilet

After taking out something you must close what you have taken