Ferrari is the pinnacle of beauty and power, ever since a kid the ferrari red always hold a special place.

It must be more than 6 years ago, when i first read the book “The monk who sold his ferrari”, what was curiosity to know who and what person would sell a ferrari has been an amazing journey till date, while currently reading “5 am club”.

Since then, i’ve been reading all the books written by Robin Sharma, the books are a prized possession. They contain more gems and riches than found anywhere on earth. It has made such a significance in my life, that i understood that his books will bring joy to everyone who reads it. Now, most of us present bouquets/chocolates as gifts, i made a choice to always give books as gifts.

Till date, thanks to God’s grace in the form of a good life, i happily have gifted 50+ books of Robin Sharma, some to my friends at Subex, some to the students at my alma mater St Mary’s School, Huballi.

All the books contain a main theme “Dharma”, the root word behind Integrity. His books say in multitude of ways to live a happy, prosperous, peaceful & loving life. All one needs to do is to live with Integrity.

Now let me recollect some of the beautiful lessons from his books

  • The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

    Life of a rich lawyer, who transform his way of living after a life threatening event. He gave up his riches, his prized red ferrari to travel to India to learn the way of simple living from the sages. He learns that with least material belongings, it is easier to live happy, because you live for only today. It is difficult in the beginning, for the human brain by evolution always wants to a accumulate to decrease starvation. As gandhi said “The world is enough for all our needs, but it can never be enough for ones greed”. Yes, one needs to prepare for the future but one must not forget to live today.

  • Who Will Cry When You Die

    All Men Must Die : the famous line from George R. R. Martin. Unfortunately we all live like we are immortal, procrastinating and not living to our potential. We postpone living to so some other day, we tell ourselves that we live happily after retirement. Yes, the probability of living longer is high. One must plan for the future to sustain ourselves and be independent. But how much money, only one can decide. Its an irony to see these days, that the richest people from so and so place that people worship. If you look closely you will see the gaps between have’s and have-not’s. What do you think, would the world be the same way, If Gandhi had decided to look after his progeny, working towards a life of luxury. Gandhi’s life gives a lots of pointer to live a simple life, isnt it contradictory that the man who used to wear minimal clothes & meagre possessions is that his face is imprinted on every indian rupee.

Life such a life, that atleast your own children will be proud of the way you lived. There will definitely come a time when your children will question the kind of life you lived. Are you worthy enough to be their role model.