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Last few days have been a race against time.

Gift for Appa’s birthday ?

First time out of India and tomorrow Dec 22 would be Appa’s 58th Birthday, Over the years , ever since i started earning.

I would try to buy him some gifts, try to pay for the birthday dinner. Almost all times the gifts have backfired. I’m still using the SmartPhone i gifted 3 years as he did not want to complicate things.

So this time, money/gift was out of the question being thousands of miles away (8770 km, thank god for Google Maps).

Scratching the brain, there had to be some way to commemorate his birthday. Somehow in a way, history should be able to remember the day.

As luck would have it, in my daily dose of surfing the web for new opportunities. Somewhere Ashwin Sanghi was giving a press conference regarding the benefits of Amazon Publishing and how it helps first timers.

This old memory was triggered subconsciously and then started the race .

The current edition of the book link is apparently in the 10th draft.

When i first started, i believe there was only 6 hours to meet the 12am deadline.

#### Like a software product. Release the product first and then add features .


The first edition was supposed to have 27 stories. Out of which 8 had to be written immediately. After multiple drafts and the tiredness stepping in after fixating on the screen for hours together. The first published edition has 14 short stories.

Year Mistake

In the rush to publish book, i mixed up the years in calculation and added 2 additional years to appa’s age.

Apparently Appa completed 58 years. It was a honest mistake which are now corrected in the book.

11 Copies

To all the people who bought (yes after me spamming all known forms of communication). I thank you with all my gratitude for spending your time to read the book.

To others, All requested to buy the book and support my first endeavour. FB likes and WhatsApp emoji’s will not fill my stomach. :P . On a lighter note. I need to write better so that i can connect to people. But then , should it not be for free ?

Why is the price

  • cost of Chocolate
  • cost of pack of cigarettes (Please dont smoke one day, buy the book )
  • cost of many small things

One Euro book

I get 30% as royalty. rest goes to amazon for their amazing infra. its like Rs. 15 per book.

But then for me, its about reaching more people.

Not the money.

My books will always cost the least price and be a short read.

So that its affordable and someone picks it up as it is less than 100 pages.

there are certain conditions. I could earn more by pricing it high, but then nobody would buy it. :P

No PaperBack

Book price will always be 49. Amazon might give better margin if more copies sell. No paperback edition, won’t be responsible for destruction of earth .


I am not trying to make much money. I just want people to start taking more risks to accomplish their dreams

I kept the book at the base price. Rs49 in India, 1 dollar in US, 1 Euro in Germany. So that people can buy and read

People will not read free stuff, they will not appreciate the worth of free books .

Give everyone a chance to read. I took a long time for me to buy my first book .

I am thankful to my friends, libraries who lent me books.

Life’s best invention : Book