First human to land on the mars,

Also the First Indian

And The First Female

Our very own Gaganyatri , carrying the dreams of a billion plus lives.

The first in the new Space Age, proclaiming the beginning of the space faring civilization.

The mission accomplished all its set parameters with text book precision, one full year before the planned deadline.

How did such a difficult task accomplish early.

4 years to this day a bold PM announced the monumental dream , that India will send its first Gaganyatri to space indigenously.

At that moment on 15th August on Red Fort, a fire started, an unconquerable dream lit the flame of millions of kids, parents and everyone who looked at the sky and dreamt ‘Can i touch the stars’.

Each milestones was analysed by a million eyes, each detail filtered with a thousand collective brain. This was not possible a decade ago, with crowdfunding and opensource as the main precursor to all the recent breakthrough. The mission parameters were increased by a multiple with such an expected outpour of energy.

It as akin to the 1960s during the first space age, the race started with the launch of Sputnik and then God arrived.

When Neil Armstrong first set his foot on the lunar soil, man started his exploration of space. Like Columbus discovered new lands by traversing the mighty and the early humans who moved from one place to another. The age of Space Travel started.

This is the story of Kali, the first female indian to ever set foot on martian soil.

Her name, her statues that will eventually be installed, will be immortalised as a god. In the same breath and awe as Neil Armstrong.

It is befitting that the land of a million gods, with its vibrant and grand history, where the female gods are given the same devotion as the male gods. A giant step forward since the last few decades,

Here she is, the embodiment of woman empowerment. Kali was the is the live example of the trinity of Saraswati, Shakti and Lakshmi .

A Few Years ago …