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Since the day of Starship announcement, my life has taken a devoted and dedicated shift to space. I’ve rekindled my childhood dream to be a space astronaut (Gaganyatri - Space traveller in Sanskrit Language).

I left my easy s/w engg. job to learn and build space grade robots. Started a company to build autonomous drones to pay for ticket(sticker price), concurrently studying M.Sc computer science at University of Bonn.

As you said, that your guests would be original artists encompassing photographers, musicians, directors, writers, i’ve also delved into writing about space & dreams. Currently writing an Indian Space fiction novel to get more children attracted to space.

hope this letter letter finds you in great spirits, thank you for giving a new lease of life to work/build for my dreams. Do consider me for a seat on the 1st starship human mission,

I will definitely get into space & become an astronaut in this decade, whatever it takes.