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The kids of the mid 20th century had the Apollo 11th mission as the pinnacle movement, giving the USA a head start in attention over the industrious USSR who till that point were the first to many in space.

The falcon heavy launched in the early 21st century was the start of the tide for the new space exploration. The two rockets beautifully landed back on earth like a synchronous swimmer in a perfect dive. Here she was reading the news bytes from her library room feed, she literally ran out library jumping between the book stools to see the twin specks of rocket landing on the screen. That was it, she told herself, she wouldn’t miss out on opportunity to be a space explorer.

The ghost of her setbacks from the last few years has finally exorcised with the stars ahead. The dreams have been rebooted to gaganyatri.

During school, being an astronaut was considered cool , i would sometimes sketch rockets, simply adding more pods/thrusters thinking that i would make it powerful.

Then there was Swatkats fighter plane that could literally do anything, i wanted to build something like that plane. With my own inattentiveness to blame , i drifted towards other pursuits, None which was actually under my option to acquire.

Now after all the years, life has presented opportunities to fulfil them. Resources are available, only self-discipline and application is necessary to create the day dreams into actual reality.

She said to herself, i shall pursue life with more vigour and persistence. For this is only one way to get closer to the stars above.