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Watching the movies, where the fighter jets would roll and pitch at will. It seemed that the pilots were having fun. Then there was the mention of the vomit-comet in a few memoirs. All astronauts would consider passing the test as one of the most demanding and major milestone. Tomorrow would be her first visit to the extreme test.

The theoretical ones would be a test of mental acumen, but this would be whole new level of physical test, being conscious at the end of the test would be acing the test. The nearest one for her would be the whizzing revolving cars in local fair, the ones that would make your stomach fly. Her first doze of extreme G-forces was this eventful trip, barely surviving the crash. Their car was tossed around after taking a curve at high speed and whish it was 3 seconds of adventure that would be remembered for a long time.

Now what is the vomit comet, for the astronauts to simulate space travel, its completely unlike the laid back driving of cars on the road. At lift-off, the crew is strapped-on horizontal along the vertical axis of the rocket. At lift-off the crew is strapped on horizontal along the vertical axis along the vertical axis of the rocketship. With the liftoff the stomach crunching forces pushing you inside the seat, you also experience the roll of the vehicle, to counter the lateral force of the rocket moving in the angle from the vertical stating position to the near horizontal orbit to escape gravity of earth.

Additional :

We just see the edited video’s of the astronauts floating in zero gravity. Zero gravity looks like everything is in standalone for the current view inside the room. When you zoom out of the room, the space shuttle is frantically revolving around the earth at 36,500 km/h speed to match the speed of the earth[verify]. Zero gravity is not vertical acceleration it also significantly includes horizontal velocity.