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Poking into existing theories now has become the routine. With an exam tomorrow, she is in the penultimate level of Mario- trying to save the Princess. But who will save her from the exam, if the dean throws a spanner in the works and let them conjure a new theory in mins.

Orbital mechanics was her beacon in the vast array of books and knowledge that they all had to traverse to become yet another alumni of the long standing Physics institution.

Watching the skies at night continuously for months together, her observation sheets tracking the bright objects at night now totalled 2000 pages. Though she had been shown the latest in tech where everything was tracked to the T, the smallest perturbation was recorded.

The manual star gazing was magical and would always help her brain connect the dots. The complex machines would take gargantum observations and take days to produce a set of possible routes, that was needed for human space exploration.

She knew that there had to be simple calculation/trick that would unlock atleast one mystery of the universe for her. It was the undying determination & hope that would brace her against the chilly cold and mostly lonely nights, when all her demons would be up in protest trying to get her back to cozy surroundings.