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The supreme heads at the top finally decided its time for the for the public to get a piece of the excitement of space, to get more children in the pursuit of science by opening the gates to watch the satellite/rocket launch from the Indian shores at Sriharikota.

Based to work, like the space magnet at Houston, USA, the launch complex gallery would be a part of the proposed Space Theme Park. Chronicling the past of the institution carrying literal Indian dreams to sky, space & beyond ISRO.

More than the idea of glorifying its success, the utmost reason to open the doors of the cutting-edge institution, would be to give boost to vision and dreams of young children to the take path of scientific discovery and research of the vast unknown space.

Here everyone would witness the launches of Rockets carrying payloads aka satellites from India & partner countries to advance the learning of earth & observing from the eagle view at a distance like the constant stars following us around.

For GaganYatri, witnessing the launch with ones own eyes was a dream come true, a first of many steps to an unextinguished, rejuvenated dream of becoming an astronaut. Some of the dots seems to start connecting in a small pie of large area, but definitely some progress, giving a much needed boost to redouble the efforts to reach Mars.

With a history of more than 6 decades of launching satellites through various means, our living generation of 2020 are most fortunate to witness the live event, most of the previous generation including me, were accustomed to watching recordings about it or read about it in the newspapers.

Trajectory of ISRO has lately been lifted to accomplish higher goals requiring more resources both human & capital expenditure. The latter would be dependent on a visionary leader to give more impetus to technology as the fruits of advanced technology is seen in the developed countries. The former would require masses of inspired, dedicated individuals willing to push the boundaries of science through learning and experiments.

Prelude to the Launch

Two sets of people were planning for the launch on the 5th of March in the year 2020, first set being the people actually involved in the launch mission, the other set a dreamy-eyed family plotting its travel and accommodation plans to travel from far away to witness the triumph of human scientific exploration.

The time window starting from the Rocket leaving the ground, blazing across the atmosphere, overcoming the earth’s mighty gravity to the deployment of the payload would be around 2 hrs.

This 2 hrs is actually more than 50 man years of work compressed in a short time span to make it a grand spectacle for the travelling participants from all across the country.

Milestones for the launch of the satellite would be prepared years in advance for the approval of capital expenditure requirements, including the launch costs and technology for the satellite.