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The “Turtles” group have been announced, the next batch of astronauts recently graduated for future space travels. These 12 elite humans chosen over a select 18,000 strong applicant group, will certainly be the first ones to step on Mars.

Now how does one, get into such a group

You get an engineering degree or become a doctor, get flight experience in some branch of armed forces.

The admission entry to space is currently in millions of dollars, with more democratized technology the cost will be brought down. Slowly steadily work towards your goal. John glenn went to space at the age of 77.

Gaganyatri was finally relieved, that few mistakes on the way is not the end of the world. Unless one stops, nothing else can stop in the way of becoming great.

Here research was going like particles colliding, somehow there is a simple solution to the telemetry problem she was trying to solve. What mystery of physics does she have to unravel to reduce the time to Mars ?