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Gaganyatri was up before the alarm chirped at 0400 hrs, always a minute early to start a new day of preparations for the launch.

With the running shoes and parka just beside the bed, GGYN hit the ground, running loops around the ring. The fresh cold air would soothe the panting lungs and provide good strength for the heavy physical equipment she would be handling in Space.

3kms of jogging for warming the muscles and then 1km sprint to raise the tempo of heart, small continued bursts for another 3 kms and later 3 kms of slow down lap. This was the fixed morning routine 3-1-3-3 sets to be in the best shape for the journey to space.

Running now seems effortless, ggyn remembers the early morning walks with Mom, reluctantly getting up in the cold weather and covering 3-4 kms before the start of school.