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Chap1 - Current Day -30

She(CallSign - Gaganyatri) looks back into her memories, a poster in her room, Earth panorama shot from the Apollo 11 mission. It matches her current view, earth slowly rotating and decreasing in size as her ship nears the lunar landing zone(Ayodhya).

She is one of the foremost mathematician of her time, her path breaking work on orbital mechanics, accelerated space travel with efficient routes to distant planets.

Equiment delivery to the lunar module, a few days of moonwalk to build the autonomous agriculture farm(greenhouse) , refuelling her ship (pushapaka vimana) and onwards she travels to the red planer MARS. Thats her current iterinary albiet decided months earlier by the machines crunching millions of scenarios for a succesful mission.

The first human to land on mars, thats what’s in stoe for her, the captain of the Bharata mission. “Audaces Fortuna Iuvat” read the cover of her diary, no small deal, coming on top of the 7 billion plus of her kind to get the momentous opporunity. Another feather in the cap for the experimentalist, who did everything that came her way and piqued her interest. The mission would add her name to the list of legendary explorers , Columbus, Thomas Cook, Armstrong,

Accompanying her is the mountain man (CallSign-Bheema) “Rishab”, the doc (callsign- sushruta) “Karan” & completing the 4 tag team is the mechanic (callsign-Drona) Shreyas. Through rigorous back breaking training in the last 4 years, the team aced all simulations thrown their way, with each role being ingrained into muscle memory for all explorers incase of contingency.