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Chapter 0 - Landing Stage

Touchdown on the real planet in the (full) presence of Sun. The automatic guidance system slowly decelerates the lander. The system identifies the sequence based on the parameters observed on the state of the art Sensors. The reverse thrusters working in tandem to stabilise the vertical descent as it approaches the landmass. Though a small devil storm was playing truant testing the landing procedure, the system was performing nominally as it had tried millions of simulations and stored in memory to adjust accordingly.

Prior to the advent of flights in 20th century, armies had to be mobilised to make a journey from one geographical location to another far away point. Imagine moving from Germany to India, as the crows flies distance of 7500+ km, would take 3-4 years of travel and expenditure running into lakhs of dollars and loss of life due to unforgiving terrain. Fast forward to today, it takes 8hrs in a general available flight carrier for around 50k.

In the current and next century with enormous resources both financial and intellectual might being thrown to make space travel democratized. Kids in the next century would consider sitting strapped on to a rocket to travel to next planet a common occurrence as catching a local flight.

The first Mars landing albeit done under extreme circumstances would start the next exploration on human kind . We all become GaganYatri’s.